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Our Program


BDIdrive assists individuals wanting to get into their own truck and start driving for themselves as an owner/operator. Within the carrier group we work with, we are able to guarantee a long term work contract.


Our service starts with understanding the individual from reviewing your driving profile to place you in a long term work contract that suits you. We have sourced out the necessary cargo vans for the work contract. As well as a suitable lease to own package for an owner/operator. With sufficient support to maximize your individual effort of success.

What We Offer

The Process:

Our clients are experienced drivers, as well as, individuals that have never been in the transportation industry. 


Our efforts are to simplify the process of getting set up as an owner/operator. From finding the equipment necessary for the work, getting the financing arranged. We all so take care of the permits, license, insurance, plates, and training. With all that we will have work reflecting off of your situation lined up before there is any commitment. We will be able to get you on to the road in 2 weeks.


We review an individual's qualifications based on driving profile which will support the work hiring procedure. We review an individual's qualifications based on financial profile, along with the work contract, which both will support the financing of a vehicle necessary for the work contract. In addition to an individual's qualifications, we review with you, your personal requirements for days away from home, earning requirements, and overall outcome.

We Offer Support In The Following Areas


Work Contract

We are seeking owner/operators with a desire to work, that communicated well, and are dedicated to their truck. Based on your qualifications and desire to drive, within our group of carriers, we align you with a suitable dispatch team with similar needs and desires as yourself. You commit to an exclusive work contract hauling "just-in-time" shipments between Canada and USA.

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Truck Sourcing

As there are many configurations of a vehicle, we organize the sourcing of a vehicle necessary for the work contract that you intend to participate with. All final pricing must be qualified with the leasing company to assure it fits within their term sheet, all final cargo configuration must be qualified to work contract compliance, and all final driver comfort must be qualified by you. We assure all three areas are addressed. We make the whole process simple that can other wise seem complicated.


Finance/Lease To Own

We work with several third party leasing companies that specialize in commercial trucks. Based on your financial profile, we submit your profile to the leasing company that you best qualify. The leasing company will review your qualifications and provide a term sheet to support you with your efforts of getting into your own truck.

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Start Up Orientation

We anticipate most clients require a little assistance when they first start out on their first shipment. To give you the highest level of support, and to elevate you to the level of success you are seeking and capable of, we walk you through all the necessary processes to complete a shipment from start to finish. We give you a kick start into your venture, allowing you the opportunity to maximize your revenue while minimizing your learning curve.

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Business Management

We find that a new driver will focus a great amount of attention on the procedures involved with the day to day requirements of the shipments they are hauling. This is necessary and supported. However, to further our support, we outline various business matrix's that are necessary to set benchmarks for a client's overall success.


5800 Ambler Drive Suite 210, Mississauga Ontario

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