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Become an Owner Operator
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Fleet Owner Program

What We Offer

The Process

     At BDIdrive we recognize the opportunity in being an owner operator. We have networked with several carrier groups, finance companies, equipment dealers, and insurance brokers to create and provide a program that will jump start the process in becoming an owner operator within the Expedite Freight industry.

     Being in the Expedite Freight industry, we realize the difficulty and potential draw backs someone can face, before even getting on the road. That is the power of our program, with our experience and connections we can give you access to unique advantages and eliminating any possible setbacks or errors before ever getting on the road.

We Offer Support In The Following Areas

If you would like to take the next step into becoming an owner operator. And you have read the information listed above. Please click the "apply" button, then fill out the application. Once summitted, someone will get in touch with you. In order for you to have a chance to discuss with them any questions or concerns, to help you make a decision if this is right for you.

*Note, the application is so the person you will talk to can have a better idea how to help you ahead of the conversation. 


Work Contract

We are seeking owner/operators with a desire to work, that communicate well, and are dedicated to their truck. Based on your qualifications and desire to drive, within our group of carriers, we align you with a suitable dispatch team with similar needs and desires as yourself. You commit to an exclusive work contract hauling "just-in-time" shipments between Canada and USA for our Canadian fleet, and hauling throughout the United States for our USA fleet.


Start Up Orientation

We anticipate most clients require assistance when they first start out on their first shipment. To give you the highest level of support, and to elevate you to the level of success you are seeking and capable of. We walk you through all the necessary processes to complete a shipment from start to finish. We give you a kick start into your venture, allowing you the opportunity to maximize your revenue while minimizing your learning curve.

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Business Management

We find that a new owner operator will focus a great amount of attention on the procedures involved with the day to day requirements of the shipments they are hauling. This is necessary and supported. However, to further our support, we outline various business matrix's that are necessary to set benchmarks for a client's overall success.

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As there are many configurations of a vehicle, we have organized a dealer network to assure timely availability of properly configured equipment necessary for the work contract that you intend to participate with. This provides you with access to the right equipment so you can get started immediately. We make the whole process simple, that can otherwise seem complicated.


Finance/Lease To Own

We work with several lenders that specialize in commercial trucks. Based on your financial profile, we submit your profile to the lender that you best qualify for. The lender will review your qualifications and provide a term sheet to support you with your efforts of getting into your own truck.


800-368-8959 – Off

51 JFK Parkway, 1st Floor West,

Short Hills, New Jersey 07078

5800 Ambler Drive Suite 210, Mississauga Ontario

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