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Owner Operator

What we offer...

We require existing owner/operators that currently have their own truck and have been

operating with their truck for an extended period of time. Our work contract offerings are based on driver qualification, as well as, truck qualification. Our group of carriers are seeking experienced owner/operators with cargo vans, 5 Ton 24' Box trucks with sleeper cabs, and Highway Tractor Trailers.


As work contract availability will be determined by the specific characteristics of your truck, work contract offering is reviewed after review of your driver profile and your truck profile.


To start the process, please email your driver and truck profiles. Upon review and acceptance, we will follow up with possible opportunities.

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Driver Profile

 To assist us in our review, please provide the following via email:


  • Class of licence

  • Resume

  • Driver's Abstract


Truck Profile

To assist us in qualifying your truck, please provide the following via email:


  • Ownership

  • Insurance

  • Odometer Reading

  • Pictures all 4 sides of truck

  • Pictures of cargo area interior

  • Dimensions of cargo area: Length x Width x Height in inches

  • Dimensions of rear door opening: Width x Height in inches

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